Learning and Connecting through the Arts!

Welcome to Arts in Transition. This site is a place for anyone excited about the power of the arts in education to help communities connect, grow, bond, and challenge societal norms.

As these pages grow, we hope to share our work and invite you to share yours.

  • Are you a college professor looking to give students applied experience outside of the classroom? Look for ideas here.
  • Are you from a specific community organization looking to introduce your unique population to a broader community of learners and leaders? Look for ideas here.
  • Are you an artist who aspires to create work that brings communities together, shares stories, and creates a society of people valued for their abilities and differing perspectives? Look for ideas here.

Stand by for a community where we share ideas, inspiration, and challenges in creating exciting community based learning/arts programs that can indeed change the world. Image 7.4 Four Faces